Explore the Home Affordable Modification Program |

Bank of America recently announced that it would be making more mortgage modifications permanent. The bank’s announcement is part of a larger initiative instituted by the government last year. The Making Home Affordable Program was introduced to help alleviate the increasing pressure a plethora of homeowners find themselves under as they continue to struggle to […]

Peer-to-Peer Lending – A New Trend |

Personal loans can be difficult to obtain through traditional channels, such as your local bank or credit union. In fact, as the economic crisis has deepened, it has become harder and harder to secure a personal loan through those institutions, and interest rates have climbed higher and higher. Many potential borrowers are also reluctant to […]

Debt Consolidation Case in South Carolina an Important Lesson for Consumers |

Debt consolidation loans can serve as an important tool for consumers struggling with mounting debts. But consumers who aren’t careful might make their financial situation worse, rather than better, when they work with a debt consolidation company. Consider the case of Freedom Financial Management, a debt consolidation firm based in California. This company allegedly overcharged […]

Bad credit? Three Ways to Get Personal Loans |

Bad credit is an increasingly common problem among people of all backgrounds, and this problem makes it extremely difficult to obtain personal loans. Due to the recent economic downturn, even people who had excellent credit now find themselves struggling to make ends meet. For example, if you were employed by a large corporation but got […]

3 Real Estate Opportunities for 2010 |

For years leading up to the recession, people got used to their home being as asset that boosted their net worth every year. Some people quit their jobs to focus on their real estate investments, flipping houses and making big profits within a few short months. As we all know, the real estate world got […]