Has the Bad Economy Killed Personal Loans? |

According to an article on CNN Money this week, interest rates on various loans, including personal loans, has been on a steady upward climb since the economy has begun to heal. Although mortgage loans have experienced the quickest rise in interest, personal loans and credit cards have also seen a slow and steady upward climb […]

The Economic Stimulus Plan: One Year Later |

One year after the $787 billion economic stimulus plan was announced by President Obama, there are opposing viewpoints as to the effectiveness of that stimulus plan. The government is spending money at a pace that the U.S. has never seen before and the spending is going to ramp up even more heading into year two. […]

Get Green for Going Green |

In yet another attempt to boost the still struggling economy, the government is encouraging consumers to go green. Certain energy-efficient purchases allow taxpayers to receive a rebate to help alleviate the expense of making earth-friendly purchases. While these energy-efficient improvements can be costly, the incentive programs combined with the energy savings you’ll see make exploring […]

Personal Loans for Relocation |

If you have to move cross-country for your job or your school, you can use personal loans to finance your trip. Even if your company will cover your relocation expenses, most companies will do a reimbursement of your costs after the job starts. This means you will still need to come up with the cash […]

Debt Consolidation Boom Due to Do Home Equity Woes? |

With the national unemployment rate still near the 10-percent mark, consumers are struggling to pay off their home equity loans, something that might lead to an increase in the number of debt consolidation loans taken out by desperate individuals. A new report from the American Bankers Association in early April showed that consumers are struggling […]

Debate over Debt Consolidation Rages On |

How effective are debt consolidation and settlement services in relieving the financial stress faced by today’s debt-strapped consumers? As with most complex questions, the answer depends on whom you ask. If you ask the writers at financial website Bankrate.com, debt consolidation and settlement doesn’t work often enough. If you ask officials with the Association of […]

When to Consider Personal Loans |

You can use personal loans to cover a multitude of expenses, but you may wonder when a personal line of credit is actually better for your needs than a credit card. In fact, as the economy has worsened, consumers are finding it more difficult to obtain a personal loan and more difficult to use a […]