Advantages of Student Loans |

Though most aren’t even old enough to vote, prospective college students are learning a harsh political lesson. Thanks to a plethora of states struggling with mounting budget deficits, many public colleges and universities are boosting tuition rates. Luckily, Junior and little Sally will have the option to take out a student loan to cover those […]

How to Avoid Credit Card Fees |

Unless you’re surprised by things like the rising sun or crooked politicians, you’re probably not shocked to hear that the credit card companies are still up to their devious tricks. Almost immediately after credit card reform laws were passed to help protect consumers from their deceptive practices, credit card companies have already begun implementing new […]

Do Non-English Speaking Consumers Take out Bad Debt Consolidation Loans? |

If you think it’s difficult to understand such financial matters as debt consolidation loans, credit card interest rates, credit scores and mortgage loans, think of how difficult this would be if you didn’t speak English. After all, most English-speaking consumers struggle to understand the fine print that comes with debt consolidation loans or their credit […]

New Laws Make Personal Loans More Attractive |

Personal loans are quickly becoming more popular in the wake of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. This act, implemented on February 22, was the most sweeping change within the industry in decades. Under the new regulations, low-income families and people with a bad credit history will find it nearly impossible to obtain a line […]

Forensic Loan Audits Are New Mortgage Loan Modification Scams |

A new scam involving phony “forensic audits” of mortgage loans is the latest variation on loan modification scams. An article in the Sacramento Bee this week, reported that California Attorney General Jerry Brown warned California’s distressed homeowner’s to refrain from forensic review of their mortgage loan and lender’s practices. Jerry Brown issued a press release […]

Personal Loans – Secured or Unsecured? |

Personal loans come in two varieties: secured and unsecured. The type you choose will depend largely on what you need the loan for, and how much you need to borrow. Personal loans are typically used to finance debts that other brands of loans cannot cover: for example, you can take out a mortgage to finance […]

Debt Consolidation Companies and Misleading Marketing |

Debt consolidation and settlement companies aren’t above misleading the public in an effort to drum up their business. Even the executive director of the debt-settlement industry’s major trade association admits this. As in any industry, the debt consolidation and settlement business has its share of bad actors. These companies try to trick consumers into debt […]