Paying With Plastic: Credit Cards in America |

The average American household has $16,007 in credit card debt, spread over 3.5 credit cards. The approximate number of cardholders in the United States is 164 million, or 54 million households, with a total of 576 million cards in circulation. The total consumer debt in the United States is $2.46 trillion. With these sobering statistics, […]

What to do if You are Denied a Personal Loan |

This is a guest post from Thanh Kess, a professional specializing in personal finance, bankruptcy, and credit repair. To learn more about the action you should take if you are denied a loan because of outstanding debt, visit There will undoubtedly come a time (or many times) in your life where you find that […]

External Debt Around the World |

The US isn’t the only country in significant debt. While it may be in the most debt, there are a handful of countries around the world that have their books off balance too. The following twelve countries lead the world in external debt. The amount of their debts has been figured as the total private […]

Employment |

Articles – Personal loans for bad credit are available for seeking to obtain financial assistance for short term help or purchases. The . . . All Infographics – Comparision of private industry and Government in respect to medical and retirement benefits, life insurance and paid leave. Employment Benefits . . .