Five Easy Ways to Save Money |

Most people write out their budgets from time to time in search of little costs that could be eliminated in order to stretch their paycheck a little further. The problem is that it’s easy to identify the big costs that we are responsible for each month, but think about all the small things that we […]

Who Benefits From Low Interest Rates? |

Savers have been doing a lot of complaining recently about the low interest rates they’re being offered for CD’s and money market accounts. A low interest rate environment is a risk for people holding a lot of cash, especially if inflation picks up like many economists are expecting. However, a low interest rate environment has […]

Reducing the Impact of Foreclosures |

The wave of foreclosures that has been growing for the past two years continues to swell and experts fear that the flood of foreclosed homes hitting the market during the coming months could derail the recovery in housing that appears to be underway. It is estimated that at current sales volumes, it would take over […]

Four Issues Surrounding Housing Right Now |

Homeowners are paying a lot of attention to the housing market right now, and with good reason. For most people, their home is their biggest investment. As home values nationwide have fallen over the past few years, it has become apparent that real economic recovery can’t happen without at stabilization in the housing market. There […]

Three Reasons to Use Your Credit Card |

We often spend time and effort trying to find ways to reduce our dependence on credit cards to avoid the burden of credit card debt. Carrying balances on high interest credit cards can be one of the most difficult financial challenges to overcome, but losing access to valuable credit lines that you might need in […]