Debt Consolidation for Business: Get Ready |

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from debt consolidation. Drowning in debt personally or professionally isn’t fun either way. Worse yet, business debt can force a company to close its doors forever. If you’re the business owner, this can also cause you to lose your source of income, which can lead to personal debt issues […]

Debt Consolidation Scam Artist? |

Debt consolidation and settlement remains a sound option for consumers in serious financial straits. But consumers must do their research before signing on to work with any company that specializes in debt management. Otherwise, they’ll end up working with someone like Chicago lawyer Robert Lock. This attorney faces serious charges from credit giant Capital One […]

Debt Repayment Now Trumps Personal Loans |

Debt repayment, rather than taking out personal loans to cover the cost of debt consolidation, is gathering speed as a trend among consumers. According to recent figures compiled by Sainsbury’s Finance, a bank based out of Great Britain, only 1 pound in every 50 taken out by consumers is used to pay off debt consolidation, […]