Home Prices Expected to Fall Further |

Although the housing market has stabilized from its historic plummet, prices are expected to continue to trend lower through September 2011, according to a new report from Fiserv, a division of Moody’s Economy.com. Areas expected to be hit hardest include portions of California and Florida, with projections for prices in Miami to plummet an additional […]

jenngerl |

Finance Articles – One recent trend in the realm of personal loans is the development of what is known as peer-to-peer lending. . . . Finance Articles – Blame it on the economy, falling home values and high credit card debt, but one thing is certain: U.S. residents . . . Finance Articles – The […]

Spending Smart |

Spending smart is tantamount to saving. By paying attention to consumer trends, you can make sure that your money is used for items that will have longevity, rather than those items headed for obsolescence. The trend for the last decade has been the proliferation of products designed to replace mainstays. Follow these easy tips to […]

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Finance Articles – Here’s a shocking statistic that explains just why so many U.S. residents are turning to debt consolidation loans: Americans charge . . . Finance Articles – If you think running up debt on your credit cards won’t affect your ability to one day find a job, . . . Finance Articles – […]