4 Keys to Switching Banks |

Since the financial crisis began a couple of years ago and banks found themselves on the hot seat with regulators and their customers, many consumers have gone through the process of switching banks over the past several months. Bank customers are looking for banks that simplify the banking process and make it easy and comfortable […]

Put Your Children Second |

You’re a loving parent who wants nothing but the best for your children. You sacrifice your time and money to make them as happy and successful as possible. So, naturally, you scrape together any spare funds and save it for their college education. Let’s explore the reasons why that’s not a good idea for you […]

Personal Loans and Social Lending Sites |

As social networking increasingly becomes our way of connecting with others, it is only natural that this online world of relationships crosses over to the world of finance and personal loans. On sites like Facebook people have thousands of friends from around the globe, and have virtual memberships in organizations and businesses that promote a […]