Four Careers That Could Increase Your Job Satisfaction |

Unemployment statistics are in the headlines constantly as more and more people lose their jobs. There is a growing segment of the population though that has remained employed throughout the recession but that is generally unhappy at work. According to surveys conducted earlier this year, 41% of Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs and 66% of Americans are unsatisfied with their pay. Being unhappy at work can make for long days, but it can also lead to problems in areas of your life that aren’t directly related to your job.

Once the job market improves and business start hiring again, many people will be considering a career change. If you’re unsatisfied with your current job, think about the factors that make you dread going to work. Here are some jobs that you might consider if you’re looking for an employment situation with a high level of employee satisfaction:

– Adult Education/Consulting: In many teaching situations, the people listen to you are there because they want to learn something. If you can make the learning process interesting, useful, and fun, you’ll find a great deal of appreciation for the job you’re doing. A recent survey showed that 60% of on-the-job trainers and educators are satisfied with their job. The job requires a positive attitude and a level of comfort when it comes to speaking in front of people.

– Therapy: Therapy is about helping people with problems gain strength in areas of weakness. Many people think of therapists as counselors who give advice and listen to other people’s problems and this is one type of therapy. However, areas like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy have seen sustained growth over the past several years and that trend is likely to continue. Many of these types of therapists set their own work schedules and once they are established, they are able to hand-pick the clients that they work with. Nearly 60% of various types of therapists consider their jobs low-stress according to a recent survey.

– Software Development: Developments in technology have opened new doors in the software world and many software developers and architects have the ability to work from home and enjoy flexible schedules during the week. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t deadlines that need to be reached but most software developers feel like they enjoy a high level of independence.

– Entrepreneur: Starting a business of your own can be one of the most challenging undertakings of your career, yet it can also be one of the most rewarding. One of the biggest reasons that so many people start a business of their own is simply to get out of the rat race. No more rush hour traffic, watching the time clock, filling out reports for the HR department, and so many other mundane tasks that people dread about their jobs. It takes someone that can motivate themselves and work with less accountability in order to start and run a successful business. Starting a business can be risky, but many who take the leap find that it’s just what they were looking for in the career satisfaction department.

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