How Banks Are Trying To Win You Back |

Big banks have spent most of the past few years in trouble. They’ve been in trouble with their shareholders, with the government, and now they’re in a great deal of trouble thanks to their unhappy customers. The banking world has sustained a black eye through the recession and financial crisis that won’t disappear for quite […]

Personal Loans and More for Financing a Business |

If you’re considering opening a new business, odds are good that you are investigating financing options such as personal loans. Especially in small businesses, start-up costs are typically financed with the use of one or several funding sources. If you’re starting a business with no or little start-up costs involved, you still have to consider […]

Debt Settlement, Consolidation Not One and the Same |

Consumers often make the mistake of lumping debt settlement and debt consolidation services together. In reality, though, debt settlement and consolidation are two extremely different financial tools. And consumers should know that they each come with their own potential pitfalls and rewards. Debt Settlement The purpose of working with a debt settlement company is, not […]

2010 March |

All Infographics – Loudoun County, Va. Population: 277,433 Median Household Income: $110,643.00 Percent of Residents 25 or Older with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 58 Fairfax County, Va. Population: . . .

2009 August |

All Infographics – This map depicts 16 of world’s largest stock exchanges. World Stock Exchanges Of the approximately 100 major exchanges located throughout the world, . . . All Infographics – The American Time Use Survey collects information about the activities people do during the day and how much time they . . . All […]

Debt Consolidation: 3 Sources for Help |

A debt consolidation is not something the common consumer takes on without at least doing some research or seeking the advice of a professional. When you find yourself in need of consolidating outstanding bills such as credit cards, medical bills, and student loan, rather than ignore the problem, you’re ready to take it head on […]

3 Biggest Implications of the CARD Act |

Beginning August 20th, there are new rules taking effect that will have some big implications for credit card issuers and credit card holders. The Credit Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure act is a series of new rules put in place to protect consumers from abusive practices on the part of credit card companies. The legislation comes […]

Debt Consolidation Clears the Courtroom Clog |

Consumers who don’t rely on debt consolidation or other options to reduce their debt may increasingly find themselves on the receiving end of lawsuits. And it’s all thanks to technology. The New York Times recently reported on the growing number of law firms across the country that rely on computer software to prepare legal cases […]