Jobless Benefits Set to Expire |

Since Congress was unable to come to an agreement, the jobless will no longer be able to apply for federal unemployment benefits or the COBRA health insurance subsidy. Due to the extreme economic circumstances, Congress offered additional unemployment benefits beyond what the states presented. The expiration of those benefits means more than 1 million unemployed […]

Are Banks Super-Sizing Personal Loans? |

With the economic crisis happening across the world and banks offering more personal loans, credit cards, mortgage loans, and other loans, the finger of blame is being pointed squarely at the banks. Questions are being asked and unions are looking for answers. Are banks at least partially responsible for customers getting in way over their […]

Pros and Cons of Prepaid Credit Cards |

One type of credit card being used more widely now than ever before is the prepaid credit card. A Prepaid spending card is basically a charge card that can be loaded with funds, spent just about anywhere that credit or debit cards are accepted, and then reloaded with additional funds. These cards used to be […]

Tax Return Can Repay Personal Loans |

During the spring, it’s common to see a whole range of articles on the internet about your tax return–but very few of those articles will tell you if you should use the return to pay off personal loans. They may advise you on the latest technical gadget to splurge on, or where you should take […]

Home Affordable Modification Program |

Home Affordable Modification Program may give homeowners some financial relief. Even if their debts are skyrocketing, they may not have to resort to the high interest rates that come with debt consolidation loans. That’s because Wells Fargo has joined Bank of America in announcing that they will modify the home-equity loans of consumers who have […]