Top Five Benefits of 529 Plans |

One of the most important decisions for parents and grandparents to make if they hope to fund a college education for their children and grandchildren is to determine the best type of college savings plan to use. In recent years, 529 plans have grown in popularity and become the most common college saving vehicle. There […]

Four Mortgage Fees to Understand |

In a rush to refinance or complete an original mortgage application and lock in low interest rates, many homeowners are less sensitive to mortgage fees and costs than they used to be. There are always going to be fees for a mortgage product but every lender discloses those fees differently. It’s important as you’re preparing […]

Three Benefits of Bridge Loans |

The housing market has been a buyers market over the past year or two, with buyers holding most of the power in the negotiating arena. First time homebuyers have had an even greater advantage as they have been given an $8000 tax credit for purchasing a home this year and they don’t have to worry […]

The New World of Credit Card Rewards |

A favorite element of using credit cards for many people has been the enticement that they were earning points to rewards. Customers who spent more using their credit cards and built up debt balances were rewarded with airline tickets, hotel stays, cash, or catalogs filled with almost anything else a person could desire. Some companies, […]

Three Reasons to Buy a Foreclosure Now |

If you’re in the market to buy a home, welcome to one of the best buyer’s markets in history! Home prices across the country are sharply lower than they were a couple of years ago and sellers are desperate to get out from under mortgages that have become difficult to pay for many homeowners. Over […]

Will Gold Loans Replace Personal Loans? |

Financial magazines, reports and blogs are abuzz with the resurgence of gold loans possibly replacing personal loans. Gold loans are similar to secure loans in all but three ways: • Gold translates into money very easily. • Gold does not depreciate; in fact it appreciates every year. • Gold is accepted around the world without […]