Areas of Concern for Option ARM Holders |

One of the most popular mortgage loan products sold to homebuyers in the last few years leading up to the bursting of the housing bubble was the option ARM. This loan allows borrowers to choose between a few payments options during the first several years of the loan, giving homeowners the flexibility to pay what […]

Places to Watch for Extreme Inflation |

Inflation is a big buzzword in the media today as economists and analysts predict when inflation will hit and how severe it might be. Inflation is a general increase in prices and some inflation is normal. Over the past 20 years or so, inflation has averaged between two and three percent every year and a […]

3 Roth Conversion Factors to Consider |

Since they have been available to investors starting in 1997, Roth IRAs have provided the unique ability to put away after-tax dollars in a retirement account and to withdraw those funds and their market gains tax-free during retirement. Investors lose the tax write-off of contribution to a traditional IRA, but the gain the ability to […]

Solid Keys to Building a Financial Notebook |

If you have ever lost a loved one and been asked to help settle their personal affairs, you will understand that tracking down important financial documents and finding all the assets and liabilities for a loved one can be extremely difficult. Coupled with the emotional pain in losing a loved one, it can become a […]

4 Money Management Issues Related to Aging |

There has been a lot of news recently about Alzheimer’s becoming a rapidly growing problem among the elderly. One study indicated that Alzheimer’s cases are likely to double every 20 years, adding to an already devastating problem for many families. Alzheimer’s usually begins with dementia and the gradual loss of cognitive and mental abilities, progressing […]

Where Are The Stimulus Dollars Now? |

In one of President Obama’s first big moves as President, he announced a $787 billion stimulus package that was intended to give a kickstart to the economy. One of the purposes of the money was job creation, and he specifically predicted that 4 million jobs would be either saved or created thanks to the massive […]