The History of US Government Corporate Bailouts |

As this graphic illustrates, the United States government has a history of stepping in to help ensure companies it deems too big to fail remain solvent. Since 1970, the government has provided assistance to specific companies and industries to prevent a ripple effect throughout the economy. It is a costly practice, but one that has been more […]

Debt VS GDP |

Like overstretched American homeowners, governments and companies across the globe are groaning under the weight of debts. Debt vs. GDP Governments and companies around the world are going further and further into debt. The statistic used most often to evaluate this condition is the relationship between GDP and debt. GDP is gross domestic product, which […]

State Taxes in America |

Breakdown by U.S. state of the highest and lowest tax rates for gasoline, cigarettes, sales and booze. State Taxes in America One of the factors that makes the cost of living vary from state to state in the U.S. is taxes. Each state sets the tax rate for many types of taxes and quite a […]

Battle of the Plastic: Debit vs. Credit Cards |

Which form of plastic is more popular with American consumers? There are currently 576,400,000 credit cards in the United States versus 507,000,000 debit cards, so credit cards clearly have the upper hand. Among 2010 credit cards, 270.1 million are Visa (down 11% from 2008), 203 million are MasterCard (down 22% from 2008), 48.9 million are […]

International Trade Comparison By Country |

According to data compiled during the 3rd and 4th financial quarters of 2009, China outranks every other country in the world in terms of a positive international trade balance. Close on China’s heels, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Japan also showed healthy positive international trade balances. The figures were smaller for Norway, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, […]

Calculation of The United States Credit Score |

Based on standard FICO criteria, we were shocked to learn that the U.S. credit score was… Calculation of the United States Credit Score Everyone realizes the significance of monitoring their credit score and ensuring it’s as high as possible, especially with the immense scrutiny of lenders these days. At the same time, we have also […]

World’s Largest Stock Exchanges |

This map depicts 16 of world’s largest stock exchanges. World Stock Exchanges Of the approximately 100 major exchanges located throughout the world, 16 of the world’s largest stock exchanges are depicted on the above image. The map also shows the market value and share turnover of each exchange. Share turnover is defined as a measure […]