Debt Consolidation Slowing the Economic Recovery? |

There’s a reason why the economy’s recovery seems so sluggish: Consumers are taking steps to reduce their debt and curtail their spending, doing everything from signing up for debt consolidation services to working with credit counselors to change their negative spending habits. This may be good for consumers who are finally getting a handle on […]

Debt Consolidation, Unemployment Worries Families |

It’s stressful raising a family today, what with the threats of debt consolidation loans, foreclosures and unemployment hanging over so many households. Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, is well aware of this. While speaking at a forum in Detroit, a city in which the jobless rate soared past 24 percent in April, Bernanke […]

Tips to Avoid Bad Personal Loans |

Personal loans are used to pay anything from an emergency room visit, to car repair, or even buy groceries when money is tight. In fact, most people will require a personal loan at some point. It is not unusual for people to take out several personal loans throughout their life, but when do they become […]